• Event date: 24.05.12
  • Time: 14:00 – 18:30
  • Location: Rolex Learning Center auditorium, EPFL, Lausanne
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Speakers : Peter Schultz, Gerard Drewes, Scott Sternson, Nicolas Winssinger

With sponsorship from DebioPharm, New England Biolabs, and BASF, Roche, Novartis, MerckSerono, Syngenta and the Swiss National Science Foundation, as well as the EPFL and University of Geneva.

Mark your calendar for the opening event for the academic chemical screening center for the NCCR Chemical Biology. Held in the auditorium of the amazing Rolex Learning Center at the EPFL. (for an interactive map, click here)


Scott Sternson- HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus:

Chemical thinking about neuronal circuits

Gerard Drewes- VP Discovery, Cellzome:

Drug discovery based on chemoproteomics of enzyme families

Nicolas Winssinger-Univ. Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg:

Nucleic acid encoding to program assemblies with emerging function

Peter Schultz-The Scripps Research Institute:

Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology

The NCCR Chemical Biology Symposium highlights technological advances at the interface of chemistry and biology and their use to address key problems in biology. The symposium is a half-day event comprised of four plenary lectures by internationally recognized scientists followed by a reception to foster interactions among the participants. With sessions chaired by NCCR members Suliana Manley and Elena Dubikovskaya and an introduction by NCCR Chemical Biology Co-director Kai Johnsson.
A guided visit of the Academic Chemical Screening Platform for Switzerland (ACCESS) will be offered prior to the start of the symposium (registration required).

To be followed by an apéro at 18:00. All are welcome.

Register for the guided visit prior to the symposium

Detailed program and speaker bios

Location / how to get here: see an interactive map