• A platform for Academic Chemical Screens in Switzerland

    The process for setting up this platform involves the following milestones: 

    • We are selecting and installing the infrastructure for compound management, storage and quality control.  The aim is to set up an infrastructure for libraries with up to 200,000 chemicals.
    • We are selecting and purchasing a first library of commercially available compounds (<50,000 compounds). The selection is based on a chemi-informatic based analysis of compounds offered by various providers.
    • The first test screens are being run to evaluate the infrastructure and the libraries.
    • An analytical system for quality control of compounds is being established, as are appropriate tools for data capture, chemi-informatic analysis of hits and libraries.
    • We are developing a strategy for collecting and integrating compounds from academic labs within Switzerland and a long term strategy to achieve self-sufficiency of ACCESS.
    • Finally we will be running chemical screens for NCCR projects, but we also solicit appropriate chemical screens by outside users to be supported by the NCCR Chemical Biology.