Project overviews

  • Project 1: Bioorthogonal chemistry

    Expanding small molecule diversity space beyond the commercial available space and provide the required synthetic chemistry expertise to follow up on identified hits.

    Project leader: Nicolas Winssinger 

  • Project 2: Chemical Systems Biology

    Screening for small molecules that target various signaling and/or biosynthetic pathways in yeast and in higher eukaryotes.

    Project leader: Robbie Loewith 

  • Project 3: Protein-based tools for visualization and manipulation of biochemical activities

    Using protein engineering to generate new tools for studying biological questions.

    Project leader: Kai Johnsson  

  • Project 4: Sensors and assays to study cell mechanics and endosomal motility

    Studying the cell as a physical object, which is subject to forces, pressures and tensions, using chemical sensors and biophysical tools.

    Project leader: Marcos Gonzalez-Gaitan  

  • Project 5: Cellular entry and novel membrane probes

    Developing conceptually innovative approaches to cross membrane barriers and enter cells, and to image biologically important properties of biomembranes that are otherwise difficult to detect.

    Project leader: Stefan Matile  

  • Project 6: Taking advantage of ACCESS

    Running as many screens as possible with ACCESS, our platform for Academic Chemical Screens in Switzerland.

    Project leader: Gerardo Turcatti